Thursday, July 23, 2009

Health Risks of Being Overweight

Being overweight in many people’s eyes is just something that affects the way you look. Most people think that the only downside of being overweight is looking chubby or fat. Although this can be true, it is also important to know that being overweight can drastically affect your health as well.

Do not think that being overweight just changes the way you look.

This is why it is so important to maintain a healthy weight and be fit. Being obese or overweight will not only cause you to look unhealthy, it will also cause you to feel and be simply unhealthy.

If you are overweight you are increasing your chances of getting many diseases and sicknesses. Some examples are diabetes, heart disease and stroke, cancer, gallbladder disease, and liver disease.


Diabetes is a serious problem for many overweight people. This disease is responsible for coronary heart disease, stroke, blindness and many more problems. It is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States.

Diabetes is caused when your blood sugar levels are much higher than normal.

I have had a few friends that have suffered from this and it is not a pretty sight. Once you get it there is a good chance that you can die from it. In the United States obesity is starting to become a very serious problem.

How to Be Healthy

I have talked about this topic many times on this blog. Being healthy is very important for your life. It makes you look better, feel better and live longer.

One of the big reasons why today’s society is growing unhealthy is because of the fact that we poison our bodies with the food we eat. Fast food and frozen food have become the common types of foods that we eat.

Our world is moving too fast and no one takes the time to eat a healthy meal. There is nothing wrong with eating fast food every once in a while but it should be treated with extreme care.

If you need some more information on how to eat a healthy diet, try reading this post that I wrote.

Eating a Healthy Diet


The number two reason why we are becoming overweight is because we are so lazy. We would rather drive a car then walk, and we spend way too much time on computers and watching TV. This is perfectly fine as long as you balance it out. The problem is that most people do not do any extra exercise at all.

Buy a treadmill or get a gym membership. Once you start working out and getting in shape you will feel so much better. I used to be one of those lazy people and now I would never go back. I simply look and feel too great at this point to go back to my old unhealthy ways.

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Exercise To lose Weight

Diet Pills

Diet pills are an option if you drastically need to lose weight. I would not recommend using these unless you are in a life threatening situation.

I have talked a little bit about diet and weight loss pills on this blog before but I try to stick to more natural ways of getting things done.

If however you really need to lose the weight there is no shame in taking these pills as long as you really need them.

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Losing Weight With Diet Pills